About Me

Hi y’all!

I’m Jill (Jubinski) Wohlner and this is my website.

My professional career began in 2010 after graduating with a Masters of Science in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Like most, I ‘started from the bottom’, which, in my story, meant as a temp HR Admin/Receptionist at a manufacturing company building slurpee machines in San Antonio, Texas. After getting the full time hire (wahoo!) and spending a few years as an HR Generalist, I moved on to a company down the street where you could wear jeans every day! When I joined Rackspace as a Technical Recruiter with no experience in tech, I had no idea that my innocent desire to wear jeans would so drastically alter the trajectory of my career.

It became evident very quickly that I had found my ‘niche’ in tech. I loved the fast pace, high standards and opportunity to be constantly learning and growing that working at a tech company brought.

After a few years at Rackspace, I was called by the bright lights of New York City and the opportunity to be the first Recruiting hire (and a chance to build my own team) at a growing startup, DigitalOcean. Working endless hours to build processes, set standards, nurture a team and make lifelong friends was remarkable. I stayed with DO through their Series B and jumped into a new adventure that continues to this day……….remote work!

The next few years consisted of building communities at BlueBox (a private cloud company acquired by IBM), leading Recruiting at Simple (a fintech company that, unfortunately, suffered large scale layoffs) and running Technical Recruiting at Fastly (a now publicly traded company helping the internet run faster). All of these, in the luxury of my home office.

Remote work started as a convenience for me – I was living in New York City and wanted to work for a company in Seattle without moving – and quickly became something I was passionate about. I sincerely believe that enabling remote work creates more inclusive and diverse workspaces and if you don’t have the ability to support remote work you are doing yourself (and others) a major disservice.

These days I am leading the People Ops function at Reaction Commerce (recently acquired by Mailchimp!). I took this opportunity to move away from a focus on Technical Recruiting and back into the broader HR space. Although I love recruiting, I am most passionate about supporting employees, being a strategic arm in communication and team building, coaching leadership and laying the foundation for values and practices within an organization.

Outside of work I enjoy being with my wife & our dogs, yoga and watching trash television.

Welcome and enjoy the content!




St. Louis, MO